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Drift Server

How Do I Join?

  • Download Track
    • Install the Current Track Being Used
  • Download Cars
    • Install The Car Pack Currently Used
  • Join Server
    • Search GCR Drift By VCO or click the button below.

The server often switches tracks and cars. Download the SOL weather mod for the best experience. Current cars are a selection from the World Drift Tour Car Pack & Drift Corner Grand Prix. We take no credit for the mods used on our server.

Car Downloads

Download Cars from World Drift Tour and Drift Corner Grand Prix and get in the server!

Track Downloads

Browse our tracks page and download some of the awesome tracks we drive on.

Dynamic Weather Mod

Experience Day/Night, Seasons, dynamic weather experience.

Server Skins

Car skins designed for the GCR Team and servers. (COMING SOON)

GCR Discord Server

Join the GCR Discord server, join voice channels, chat in the text channels, meet others drivers in the community, find partners to practice with and more.

Drift, have fun, be respectful.